Celebrating over 30 Years of Pageantry

Welcome to the FWG Alumni Association.  The Fusion Winter Guard organization is considered home to nearly 400 performers over the last 3 decades.  The association’s purpose is to reconnect all alumni and provide opportunities for both social and civic activities.

We also believe we share an obligation to our current Fusion Winter Guard program and future alumni. The association will support them through scholarships, needed equipment purchases and other support activities to insure that the tradition of excellence and advantage of the Fusion Winter Guard experience can be as meaningful to their future as it has been to ours.

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Hear from our Alumni

To me, Fusion means a family environment full of opportunities for growth and success. It has been the place I have been able to grow up. Fusion has turned me into the young woman I am today. I have made some of my very best friends through the organization. It has taught me about perseverance and hard work through my eventful and exciting time with the program. I have loved spending the past four years with Fusion and I can’t wait for what 2021 has in store!

Terri Waldron - Member 2017, 2018 - Captain 2019, 2020

Fusion is a place that welcomed me in with open arms. A place that fostered growth and strength in myself that I never knew I had. I have learned that Fusion is so much more than an organization- it is a family, there to take you in when you need it most.

Emily Mayerson - Member 2019 - Captain 2020

Fusion is my everything. When things got rough in my everyday life, I always looked forward to the weekend. Whether it was Kerri and Aaron’s flag blocks, staging, or across the floors, Fusion was always my constant in life.

Ally Maier - Member 2018 & 2019

Fusion to me means family!  The group every year comes together in such a special way. I can not wait for it to be the weekend to be around the group. Each weekends is full of laughs no matter how stressful or tired we all are. Even now, I miss my family from every year I marched.

Casey Zicolello - Member 2007-2012 & 2019

I was a member of the old Palette –  the OG baby guard lol. My first year was Disney themed and we are Siamese, zippedeedoodah, and bear necessities.  I did cartwheels in a bear suit.  Year two was poodle skirts for happy days and Laverne and Shirley.  Year 3, I twirled a fishing pole for Andy Griffith.  So many years later, I love this team, this group and this family.

Sheena McMullan Dauch - Member 1992-1995

Fusion has taught me the importance of striving for excellence rather than settling for complacency. As the Assistant Director of this organization, I strive in creating a environment that revolves around striving for personal/ ensemble goals, positivity, understanding failure and success, constructive criticism, and achieving possibilities that are unknown at the beginning of every season.

Tim McLaughlin - FWG Assistant Director

Fusion has taught me so much about leadership, teamwork, and how to better myself as a performer and as a person. I love coming in every weekend knowing I’ll get the chance to work hard at something I love in a positive environment surrounded by my closest friends. Fusion is truly something special and my experience here has been and continues to be one of a kind.

Madeline Raskay - Captain 2018

This is the place to achieve whatever you want, be whoever you want to be and do it flawlessly. This is a place to gain technique and to become the vivacious stellar performer you love to watch or looked up to. It will always be unlike any other place you have ever experienced. Fusion at the end of the day can only be one true thing, and that is a home committed to making you the best version of yourself.

Melissa Siegelski - Captain 2017