Let’s talk about Fusion World 2023

Coming off the heels of our Top 10 finish at the WGI World Championships IW performance, the Administration and Design Team are truly excited about the 2023 season.  If you’re thinking about auditioning for Fusion World, we’ve shared as much information with our potential membership about the upcoming season, so that you can decide if Fusion is right for you!

The start of Season 2023 begins with 2 Audition weekends in September:  9/17-18 in New Jersey and 9/24-25 in Connecticut.  Final Auditions are scheduled for 10/8-9 in New Jersey where the final cast is selected.

If you have any questions about the 2023 Season, contact us:  [email protected]

2023 Audition Form


  • Yes.  COVID-19 Vaccinations and any boosters needed will be required for all members and staff to participate in Fusion World 2023.

  • If selected as a 2023 Cast Member, your financial obligations will be $2000, paid in monthly installments.  Your total dues amount covers the cost of uniforms, equipment, production elements, show registrations, hotel and bus accommodations when we travel as well as your trip to WGI World Championships.  Outside of your membership jacket, we do not surprise you with extra costs throughout the season.

    We have a new fundraising committee that is revamping new financial assistance programs.  We’re excited to share new channels of fundraising with our team members.

    Monthly installments are due at the end of each calendar month, beginning in October 2022.  You can make payments via your online account or in-person at rehearsal using credit card, check or cash.  You would plan on taking part in as many fundraisers as possible to reduce the amount of money you have to pay out-of-pocket.

  • ABSOLUTELY.  As soon as you’re contracted for the 2023 Season, you’ll receive your first fundraising program.  We meticulously look for fundraising programs that not only offer large profits to you, but are popular and easy to sell.  We have a new fundraising committee that is revamping new financial assistance programs.  We’re excited to share new channels of fundraising with our team members.

    We also encourage you to look for sponsors that will donate money towards your dues.  We even provide you with sponsor letters you can send out to prospective donors.  When money is received, it’ll be immediately applied to your dues and reflected in your online account.

    The majority of our membership has used our sponsorship and fundraising programs to pay at least 40% of their dues.

    Bottom line, money should not be the reason you decide NOT to march – we’re here to help you.

  • Yes.  As long as you’ve paid off your dues and are a member in good standing, then your uniform is yours to keep at the end of the season.

  • Fusion World rehearses each weekend.  The commitment level of our membership is paramount to the program’s success and we require 100% participation to the schedule.  Even missing one rehearsal affects the entire ensemble. 

    Here are some Rehearsal Schedule highlights:  
    – No Friday nights – except for Regional Weekends
    – Saturdays start at 12noon

    We want to acknowledge the distance some of our members travel on the weekends and ensure they get enough sleep to come in fresh for a Fusion Weekend.

  • Fusion is fortunate to have great facility partners that give us a world class facilities to rehearse each Season.  We rehearse 90% of the season in New Jersey (Butler, Metuchen, Parsippany, Montville and South Plainfield), and 10% in Ansonia, Connecticut.  You can check out the season schedule for weekends we’re in NJ vs CT.

  • The organization does not offer housing, but our members offer their homes to take in members on the weekend.  We encourage you to get to know your teammates at auditions if you’re looking for a place to stay.  Or, if you have enough room, please let us know and we’ll add your space to the housing list.

    We offer a special group in Slack where you can seek housing among the cast – and the team is super responsive and helpful.

    For select competitions, including the WGI Boston Regional, WGI Eastern Regional, WGI Philadelphia Regional and WGI World Championships, Fusion will provide hotel rooms for over night stays.  The cost of the hotel is included in your dues.

  • Fusion provides bus transportation to the WGI Boston Regional and to WGI World Championships.  For all other shows, members are encouraged to carpool to shows.  If you are a Cast Member under the age of 18, then you must be accompanied by an adult, or have a note from your parent/guardian that you’re allowed to travel with another member.

  • Fusion provides our members with meals on many camp weekends – these meals are FREE and covered in your dues for the season.  For any weekend Fusion provides a meal, we’ll let you know in advance along with the menu for the weekend, so you can bring something different if you don’t like what’s on the menu.

    Otherwise, members are responsible for bringing their own meals and snacks on the weekend.

  • We require all Cast Members to wear all-black, form-fitting rehearsal attire.  We encourage you to also have a pair of knee pads to bring to each rehearsal.  Hair should pulled back, out of your face and secure for long rehearsals.  Members should take pride in their rehearsal look — it’s aligned to how you approach the day.  Bring your best self, on and off the floor.

  • Yes.  Fusion provides you with equipment for the season.  This year, we’re happy to be sponsored by King Rifles for the gun line.  If you’re selected for the blade line, we’ll provide you with a King Saber.  And, of course, we provide you with flags.

    All equipment provided to you will be returned after the last performance of the season.  If you damage or lose equipment, it is your responsibility to pay for damages, repairs and replacements.

  • No.  All Cast Members will receive their own Fusion World flag bag, sponsored by Kazara Designs.  You are required to return this at the end of the season.

  • Yeah, nice try!  Our 2023 production will be revealed at our first rehearsal after auditions!  But, believe us, it’s going to be something truly special.

2023 Season Highlights

  • 3 WGI Regionals & World Championships
  • No Friday Night rehearsals
  • 12noon start time on Saturdays & Sundays
  • Dinners provided on camp weekends
  • Sponsors:  King Rifles, Varsity Sports, DPG, Stanbury Uniforms
  • World Class staff and designers

2023 Season Schedule

Our 2022-2023 schedule is catered to students and working professionals this year.  Some dates and locations may change throughout the season, but we hope you’ll find no Fridays and a later start on Saturdays a refreshing change to past seasons.

* Please note that at the time this schedule was posted, no local show schedules have been published.

2022-2023 Schedule

2023 Design Team

    Jon Vanderkolff
    Artistic Director
      Greg Lagola
        Jim Moore