World 2023 Staff Announced


Fusion World 2023 is proud to announce its powerhouse team of designers and educators for the upcoming winter season.  These talented individuals represent the very best in the marching arts and have been brainstorming and workshopping ideas over the last year to make the 2023 season truly magical!  Visit the World Staff page to see a full list of our 2023 team.


– Jon Vanderkolff – Artistic Director
– Greg Lagola – Designer
– Jim Moore – Designer


– Greg Lagola
– Jim Moore
– Jaclyn Walsh
– Katie Hopkins


– Samia Vanderkolff
– Tim McLaughlin
– Aaron Startzman
– Carol Abohatab
– Carlos Diaz
– Jackie Yurkin
– Josh Hinkel

Fusion World 2023 begins this September 17-18 with New Jersey Auditions, followed by Connecticut Auditions on September 24-25.  You can pre-register for auditions by visiting,  The cost of auditions is a one-time fee of $50 and gives you access to both NJ and CT audition weekends.  Final Audition/Call-back weekend is scheduled for October 8-9 by invitation only.

In 2023, Fusion World plans to attend 3 WGI Regionals:  WGI Boston, WGI Philadelphia and WGI Bethlehem leading up to WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.  The team will also perform in both the MAIN and MAC local circuits.  A full performance calendar will be shared in September.