Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Promise


Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than words and concepts. They are essential drivers for the growth and continued success of the Fusion Winter Guard Organization. Our world is incredibly diverse, and every person in it is worthy of a fair opportunity to use and develop their skills as they productively contribute to society and our activity. Our commitment is to create an inclusive environment where all members feel equal, valued and supported. This empowers our members, staff and administration to thrive in our activity; driving success for our community.

Diversity is the representation of varied identities and differences, collectively and individually. It encompasses every member’s unique blend of demographic characteristics, experiences and perspectives.

Equity is the assurance of fair treatment and equality of opportunity for every member and acknowledges that people do not all start from the same place. It serves to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of historically underserved and underrepresented populations. Every member deserves a fair opportunity to develop, contribute and succeed.

Inclusion is the cultivation of an environment in which every person feels welcome and is appreciated for who they are and for what they can distinctively offer. 

At Fusion Winter Guard, these essential drivers are threaded into the way we foster growth in our membership.  We hold all staff, membership and administration accountable to understand and live by these essential behaviors to respect and lift up one another.

Fusion does not tolerate any form of discrimination and any such behavior will cause immediate termination from our program.