Keeping us all safe!

Health and safety is the #1 priority for all our members, our staff and facility personnel in order to reduce the spread of COVID. 

Following recommendations set forth by the CDC, the NJSIAA, the CIAC and WGI, the Fusion Winter Guard Organization is instituting guidelines for all participants (members, staff and administration) to ensure a healthy and safe experience, all season long.


Complete your WEEKLY Health Questionnaire


  • No, not at this time.  In the event that COVID rates rise, then prior to each rehearsal, members and staff must complete the Online Health Questionnaire.  Failure to complete the questionnaire will result in the member deemed ineligible to rehearse that weekend.  After one incomplete questionnaire, the member will be put on probation.  After a second offense, membership will be expelled and all dues forfeited to the organization.

  • No, not at this time.  Fusion will continuously monitor the guidance from our local, state and federal agencies.  This includes mask-wearing.  We are asking all members and staff members to share a copy of their COVID vaccination cards for the program to keep on file.  Not only does this provide transparency, but offers peace of mind to the program.

  • No.  Even without health guidelines, Fusion Winter Guard has always implemented closed-door rehearsals.  We understand that many parents may want to get a feel for the environment of rehearsal, but it adds another person that needs to be health and temperature checked.

    We encourage our membership to share our COVID guidelines with their parents/guardians to alleviate any concern for health and safety.  It is, and will always be, our top priority.  Plus, your Slack Member Group will include videos that you can share with your parents/guardians to show them how we facilitate rehearsal.

  • We follow NJ State and Federal CDC guidelines to communicate any impact to our members, staff and facility personnel.  We rely on proper reporting before each rehearsal to further reduce the impact and spread.  In the event a member or staff member tests positive, then the organization will be informed and all will be encouraged to get tested before returning to rehearsal.  In this instance, you must receive a negative test before you’re eligible to return to rehearsal.

  • Yes, all participants of the Fusion Winter Guard organization, which includes members, staff and administration are required to follow the COVID-19 Guidelines set forth.  Any deviation from these strictly enforced guidelines will result in immediate expulsion from the organization and will forfeit any refunds.


COVID Liability Statement

All participants must adhere to the COVID Liability Clause adopted by the Fusion Winter Guard organization.  This clause is included in the Membership Handbook and is required for participation in the audition process.

You can download the clause by clicking on the link below.

Download Clause