Keeping us all safe!

Health and safety is the #1 priority for all our members, our staff and facility personnel in order to reduce the spread of COVID. 

Following recommendations set forth by the CDC, the NJSIAA, the CIAC and WGI, the Fusion Winter Guard Organization is instituting guidelines for all participants (members, staff and administration) to ensure a healthy and safe experience, all season long.


Complete your WEEKLY Health Questionnaire


  • Yes.  Prior to each rehearsal, members and staff must complete the Online Health Questionnaire.  Failure to complete the questionnaire will result in the member deemed ineligible to rehearse that weekend.  After one incomplete questionnaire, the member will be put on probation.  After a second offense, membership will be expelled and all dues forfeited to the organization.

  • In addition to all those safety protocols, Fusion Winter Guard is actively purchasing antimicrobial foggers which will be used before each rehearsal to further reduce any impact to our members and staff.

  • All Fusion rehearsal locations are required to use CDC facility cleaning guidelines before we enter the facility.  In addition, Fusion is actively purchasing antimicrobial foggers which will be used before each rehearsal on equipment to further reduce any impact to our members and staff.

  • Yes.  Masks are required to be worn at all times.  Not only is this a mandatory rule from the CDC, but is of top priority for the Fusion organization.  Failure to wear your mask will result in you being asked to leave the facility and subsequent incidents will lead to expulsion from the program.

  • No.  Even without the pandemic upon us, Fusion Winter Guard has always implemented closed-door rehearsals.  In the face of the pandemic, we understand that many parents may want to get a feel for the environment of rehearsal, but it adds another person that needs to be health and temperature checked.

    We encourage our membership to share our COVID guidelines with their parents/guardians to alleviate any concern for health and safety.  It is, and will always be, our top priority.  Plus, your Facebook Member Group will include videos that you can share with your parents/guardians to show them how we facilitate rehearsal.

  • The Fusion Winter Guard Organization has made a decision that the 2021 Winter Season will be virtual only, and we will not be traveling to any events.  This is aligned with WGI’s commitment to providing units with a memorable season under these conditions.

  • We follow NJ State and Federal CDC guidelines to communicate any impact to our members, staff and facility personnel.  We are relying on proper reporting before each rehearsal to further reduce any impact of COVID.  In the event a member or staff member tests positive, then the organization will be informed and rehearsals will be canceled for the 2-week quarantine period.  During the quarantine period, all members will be required to get a COVID test to reduce the risk of spreading the infection and ensure the health and safety of the membership.  Any member or staff member who tests positive must be tested again and receive a negative test result, and provide documentation, before they’re eligible to return to rehearsal.

  • Yes, all participants of the Fusion Winter Guard organization, which includes members, staff and administration are required to follow the COVID-19 Guidelines set forth.  Any deviation from these strictly enforced guidelines will result in immediate expulsion from the organization and will forfeit any refunds.

  • As a rule, members are required to bring their own meals and water to rehearsal and sharing is strictly prohibited.

  • No.  In order to control who you come into contact with, we require all members to stay on school grounds during the hours of rehearsal.  Allowing membership to leave during meals means that we have to do the health checks and temperature testing before rehearsal can resume.  We encourage all members and staff to bring their own meals.  If you do leave rehearsal, then you will not be allowed to return to rehearsal and will be given a warning.  Subsequent offenses will result in termination of membership.

  • In the event the season is cancelled due to complications of COVID, either by WGI or by Fusion Winter Guard, then dues will be retroactively refunded for those months paid but  not yet completed.  For example, if a member pays in full and the season is cancelled in January, then that member will receive a refund for the prorate of February and March.  Fusion will make refund payments available 30 days after the cancellation announcement.

Get the Tools


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Know what to Expect

Download your copy
of the 2020-2021 Audition Game Plan
and get the details on how to make
it a fun and safe audition experience.

Download the Game Plan

COVID Liability Statement

All participants must adhere to the COVID Liability Clause adopted by the Fusion Winter Guard organization.  This clause is included in the Membership Handbook and is required for participation in the audition process.

You can download the clause by clicking on the link below.

Download Clause